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Around the world, large financial institutions, charter operations and ground operators of all kind engage auditing services with qualified auditors to ensure their operations, policies and procedures comply with the highest international aviation safety standards.


Inspections and audits are key components in any Aviation safety oversight program. We believe that one of the key components in safety management is to conduct consistent audits and drive continuous improvement within your organization. Audits and inspections ensure that the established safety and quality procedures are being followed.


AirJet Consulting Group provides independent aviation auditors for your aviation auditing needs. We can conduct internal audits on your organization as whole, departmental or base audits. We can also conduct audits on your third party contract providers.


Whether you are an owner, financial institution, aircraft operator, charter operator, maintenance provider, contracted services to operators or a Fixed Based Operation (FBO) we have a solution for you.


In any case our philosophy is to make the auditing experience a positive one by promoting education and information as the road to process improvement.

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