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Marco Clalüna has over 23 years of aviation experience. He started his aviation career in 1997 as a certified aircraft engineer with Jet Aviation Zurich. In 2001 Marco became involved in the start-up of a Business Aviation Operator (AOC holder). In parallel to this assignment he successfully performed his studies as a technical merchant. After a couple of years he took over full operational responsibility of the company as a COO and Accountable Manager. Furthermore, he studied business administration and continued his studies as executive master of business administration.


In 2011 Marco became an Asset Manager of one of the biggest banks in Switzerland in Corporate Aircraft Finance managing a corporate aircraft portfolio with a volume of few billions. His main responsibility included in depth analysis and monitoring of the portfolio. He acted as an internal consultant, performed valuations, proved and audited operators, performed margin call calculations.


As of today Marco evaluated over 240 aircraft's, performed several operator audits and successfully repossessed several business jets.


Marco holds from all three appraisal organizations the following qualifications:


  • ISTAT Certified Appraiser
  • Accredited Senior Appraiser (ASA)
  • Senior Certified Aircraft Appraiser (NSCA)
  • Senior Certified Aircraft Appraiser (PSCA)



Based on continuing education and training the customer can be sure to receive the currently available skills and know-how.


Marco Clalüna

CEO / Senior Appraiser / Auditor

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