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Asset Protection

Aircraft/Helicopter Repossession & Recovery Services for Owners and Financial Institutions


AirJet Consutling Group provides an efficient aircraft or helicopter repossession service in the event of a payment or other default results in a breach of an existing lease contract or financing agreement. AirJet Consulting Group will ensure this is done professionally, through its legal, technical, commercial and administrative assistance, and will strive to retrieve the aircraft, major components and all relevant historical and maintenance records to minimize any loss in aircraft value during a difficult process.


Recovering an aircraft is an event that requires a considerable degree of pre-planning and coordination of resources.  It is important, especially in the aftermath, to execute the recovery correctly and in compliance with applicable laws, law enforcement and regulatory agency requirements.  We has the understanding, experience and critical competencies required to plan, coordinate and execute a successful aircraft recovery.


Delivery & Redelivery Solutions


Based upon an extensive know-how and experience, AirJet Consulting Group provides aircraft delivery and redelivery management services to owners, financial institutions and operators. To ensure that our clients receive the best solutions, our professionals offer a full range of aircraft and engine management services tailored to meet the specific needs of every client.


Our long-term expertise and experience in this aviation segment helps us to significantly reduce time-related costs. AirJet Consutling Group technical team closely manages and supports the aircraft delivery or re-delivery process from “A” to “Z”, including all aspects of pre-purchase inspections, full maintenance management, reserve disbursement management, regular audits, re-delivery support.


Technical Transaction Supervision


Asset delivery to the new owner or operator can be very extensive and costly as there are many parties involved. Such as seller, buyer, financial institutions, legal firms, tax advisors, previously operator, broker new selected operator and so on.


It is highly recommended during a purchase of an asset (aircraft / helicopter) to supervise the transaction in all technical questions and manner. Off course the new operator is able to do this as he will operator legally the aircraft- but not always the operator has the same interest as the owner or as the financial institution. In this case you need to have someone which will supervise the technical transfer until acceptance and delivery of the asset.


Our long-term expertise and experience in this transfer process helps you to protect your interest and to reduce time-related costs. AirJet Consutling Group technical team closely manages and supports to supervise the transaction on all technical matters from purchase until acceptance. Please contact us to find out your needs and focus and we will be delighted to offer your our tailored services.

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